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Lillie's Q

Buffalo Wing Sauce

Buffalo Wing Sauce

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A classic buffalo sauce wing sauce made with vinegar, butter and cayenne. Why No. 77? In 1977, the city of Buffalo, NY issued an official proclamation that July 29, 1977 be declared Chicken Wing Day. This celebrated the infamous Anchor Bar owners, the originators of the Buffalo chicken wing. Now everyday can be chicken wing day with Lillie’s Q Buffalo sauce.

No artificial sweeteners

The recipe for each Lillie’s Q product is created exclusively by Founder/Creator, Chef Charlie McKenna, and pays homage to his Southern heritage. So with every bite, know you’re enjoying flavors as authentic as the places they come from. Spicy cayenne from Memphis. Black Pepper from Northern Alabama. Apple and Lime Juices from West half of the Carolinas, vinegar from the East and tangy mustard from the South. What we’re made of is honest-to- goodness flavor and strong Southern roots. It’s tradition you can taste.


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