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Locally Made Organic Oyster T Shirt

Locally Made Organic Oyster T Shirt

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Featuring an original oyster sketch, this 100% organic cotton tee plants 30 oysters back into our bay, filtering up to 1,500 gallons of seawater daily. Without the use of chemical pesticides, organic cotton keeps you, our farmers, and the Earth's soil safer; while also consuming significantly less water in the growing process. 

  • 100% Organic Cotton Fiber, Ring-Spun
  • Classic Crewneck Fit
  • 5.5 Oz

Our ocean supports all life on Earth and we can not survive without it. We are working hard to counteract the effect of human development and pollution in our Northeastern waters. By restoring oyster reefs, we can help prevent coastal erosion, marine habitat loss, and massive fish kills due to eutrophication. 

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