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Hampton Nautical

Mayflower Tall Model Ship 7"

Mayflower Tall Model Ship 7"

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The famed Mayflower, which carried the Pilgrims to Jamestown in 1620, is recreated here in an enchanting 7-inch tall ship model.

Perfect as a gift for any child or nautical enthusiast, this 100% solid wood is reproduced in intricate detail complete with realistic sails, rigging, and a solid metal nameplate proudly displaying her title. Place this ship upon your desk, or in any room or office, and enjoy the history and handsome aesthetics of this legendary ship.

NOTE: This item is small, only 7 inches. Arrives fully assembled with all sails. Proudly displays British flag and includes remarkable details including the 13 handsewn white cloth sails! Metal nameplate on wooden base identifies the ship as the Mayflower.

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