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Rms Titanic Model Cruise Ship 14"

Rms Titanic Model Cruise Ship 14"

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This adorable model cruise ship is inspired by history’s most famous ocean liner, the RMS Titanic. Ideally sized to rest upon any shelf or desk, this fun and historic cruise ship model will add a touch of nautical history and maritime luxury to the décor of any room. 14 inch Long x 2.5 inch Wide x 6.5 inch High (1:750 scale) Arrives fully assembled with all rigging taut Built from scratch by our master artisans Built from high quality woods Detailed features include: Rigging and stay-lines on all masts and smokestacks Accurately hand-painted to match the real RMS Titanic Deckhouses, cranes and lifeboats adorn the deck Railing on superstructure and rims on all smokestacks Thread railing on forecastle, aftcastle and atop superstructure Titanic name on the bow Flies the 3 flags of the actual Titanic Two anchors at the bow and metal propeller astern



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