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Hampton Nautical

Rustic Columbia Model Sailboat 30"

Rustic Columbia Model Sailboat 30"

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Perfect for the nautical decor theme of a room with existing rustic decor, bedroom shelf or office desk, the graceful lines of this Rustic Columbia will impress!

This 30 inch high quality model sail boat boasts simple, natural elegance. Wind and waves will take you away with this beautiful model yacht.

Measures 28 inch Long x 4 inch Wide x 30 inch High

Handcrafted from solid wood by master artisans. Fine Craftsmanship, includes: High quality woods used in construction of hull, beautiful, vintage wood grain, a delicately curved hull, keel and rudder and more! Thick, sturdy canvas used for all sails. Will suit any room with vintage decor. Pre-assembled.

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